As hospitals increase the amount of advanced medical devices they use in their facilities, the more prone they are to being interrupted or disabled by viruses. Patients are put at risk for personal injury when one of these devices gets infected. A pattern of increasing vulnerability of medical systems being riddled with malware was revealed at a government meeting.

Italiano: Il Prof. Carlo F. Marcelletti in Sal...

Even medical equipment connected at an operating room can be prone to viruses (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

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A crash between a car and a Jefferson County Public Schools bus left at least fifty people in treatment for their injuries at the hospital after the bus overturned. The bus was transporting students to Frost Middle School in Kentucky – all but one person accepted hospitalization.

LFD (left) and JCEMS (right) ambulances at Uof...

LFD (left) and JCEMS (right) ambulances at UofL Hospital (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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