A young boy was found dead by authorities after he fell and was attacked by a pack of dogs at a wild African dog exhibit at a Pittsburgh zoo Sunday morning. His mother and other visitors saw in desperation as the wild dogs bit into the child, they were unable to stop the dogs. An ongoing investigation has closed down the zoo to the public indefinitely.

Lightmatter African painted dog

African painted dog – like the one that bit the boy that was found dead at the zoo exhibit (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

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A cute white dog was hit and knocked unconscious by a car on the highway. Amazingly, the dog survived the injury and was forced to take 11 mile road trip from the Taunton area. The trip lasted until other motorists flagged down the clueless driver of the car. The pup was taken to the East Providence Animal Control Center that is now attempting to locate the owner of the dog that survived being inadvertently transported.

Poodle looking up

Poodle looking up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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