Jose Melena, an employee at a sea food plant for six years died Thursday when he was found cooked in an industrial size oven at the facilities. Investigators are looking into the mysterious situation. This case may also need the helping hand of a wrongful death attorneyfor the family.

Tuna at a fish market

Tuna at a fish market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Autonomous vehicles are no longer to be an idea of the past as California recently passed a bill that would allow autonomous vehicles to travel on public state roads sometime within the decade. This step into the future will allow the auto industry to take a step closer towards auto-evolution. Legislature submitted the bill to Gov. Jerry Brown at Sacramento on Wednesday. With auto-evolution cars will be driving themselves. No matter where the next step in the auto industry development goes, California auto accident lawyers are here for you.

English: Photo of California Attorney General ...

English: Photo of Governor Jerry Brown  and former California Attorney General (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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A most bizarre accident in Philadelphia had many people aghast. When a group of movers found it convenient to leave their van parked outside of their building, a young boy saw the opportunity to steal. He took the keys, turned on the van and drove down the street peering over the dash while attempting to maneuver the steering wheel. He crashed into five parked cars causing an accident, survived and attempted to flee the scene. Authorities were able to capture the boy and now he and his parents face legal problems. Contact a car accident lawyerif your parked vehicle is ever damaged by a driver.

Row Houses at 48th between Walton and Cedar, W...

Row Houses and parked cars similar to the car crash at Philadelphia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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A new program targeted to senior elderly drivers to prevent auto accidents has been rolled out by the DMV. After a series of well publicized elderly driver-related automobile accidents, and the last one relating to a centenarian, the DMV has formulated the program “Age Well, Drive Smart”. Auto accident lawyers  are glad that this program is being initiated because it promotes driving education.

English: Muriel Duckworth, photograph was comm...

Duckworth’s 100th birthday makes her eligible for the DMV Age Well, Drive Smart program (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

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English: Bobby Brown

English: Bobby Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bobby Brown was arrested for a second time within a seven month period on Wednesday at Los Angeles. Auto accidents stemming from drinking and driving could be avoided to a certain extent. However, according to authorities, the driver failed to oblige with the law and spend time in jail until he posted bail. It was not his first second time in jail for a DUI, there have been at least two other occasions. Los Angeles auto accident attorney’s advice to the public is not to drink alcohol and drive.

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Riverside wrongful death attorneys sued Monster Energy Drink for the death of a girl.  Recent reports by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have shown that there have been at least five death allegedly linked to the highly caffeinated drink maker and at least one was a non-fatal heart attack.

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A tractor-trailer crash in Andover pinned the legs of a man Monday morning. He was one of five people hospitalized for injuries at the accident that happened on the Interstate-495. Victims of the accident that want to increase the amount of compensation they receive from insurance companies are encouraged to contact a truck accident lawyer group can speak with eloquence and experience.

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Hotel customers are at risk for personal injury and theft after electronic lock hack how-to videos hit the internet. An undercover news anchor showed the video to major New York hotel managers who were in awe at how vulnerable the security of their customers and their personal belongings have become.

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Toxic meningitis exposure that stemmed from tainted steroid injections claimed the lives of twenty-three people in the United States as of Monday. An investigation has been launched to determine how the fungus contaminated the sealed vials. The manufacturer instructed clinics that administered the tainted shots to contact the victims.

English: A view of the Centers for Disease Con...

English: A view of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Children that consume single-load soap pod detergent are exposed to toxic poisoning. They often mistake the attractively packaged laundry detergent with a colorful treat and proceed to take a bite out of it, which puts them at risk. American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) and the CDC warned adults who use the product to keep it away from the reach of young children as they could be easily poisoned.

Tide Pods

Tide Pods (Photo credit: Au Kirk)

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